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The message of keeping real music alive, music that is being slowly strangled by the demons of mass-produced plastic pop, music that is having its lifeblood drained by those TV so-called talent shows. From his rock and roll pulpit he is throwing down almighty fireballs upon the puke-spewing unit shifting crap machine whilst thrusting a cold hard needle in his arm to give a blood transfusion straight into the heart of Hillbilly, 50’s Punk, Blues, Psycho Gospel, Country and Rockabilly.

As the Reverend preaches the blues and enthuses about the message of life, he refuses to let us forget the souls of those who have now departed from this world. He shakes his fist and slams it down heavily, demanding we pay homage to the energy and talent of these people who have blessed us with their gifts, people such as Hank Williams, Carl Perkins and Blind Willie McTell. Carl Byron Batson Trebuchet Magazin (UK) London

Lyrics – I Hate People

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I hate People

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