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Reverend Elvis on Document Records!

Reverend Elvis and the Undead Syncopators on Document Records!

Document Records is proud to announce our upcoming releases for fall/2017. Music & Culture apart the short-lived fashion and middle of the road mainstream culture. One of the extraordinary figures in the music scene of the last decade is Reverend Elvis/ A.E. Freier. He released a bunch of records in Europe and USA with several of the highest talented musicians you ears can hear. So its time for a retrospective of his music and art. Focused on his European label „Suzy Q Records“ . The „Reverend“ is calling his music themself „Underground Rock’n’Roll“. So give them a try.

DOCUMENT – music of our time!

Reverend Elvis and the Undead Syncopators „Gospel of the Underground“ – Best of Suzy Q Years! 2003 – 2017! DOC-LP-389

Release Date: October 2017


It doesn’t need complexity to create great music. When HANK WILLIAMS wrote „Ramblin‘ Man“ in 1951, he concentrated on two alternating chords. The recording from 1953 is based on a simple rhythm-guitar accompanied by some fiddle and steel guitar that keep in the background. REVEREND ELVIS AND THE UNDEAD SYNCOPATORS manage to even strip down the song a little more. Their version is built around an electric guitar with cool reverb and the Reverend’s charismatic voice. There are some guitar fills included and as well as a low rimclick-rhythm of the snare, nevertheless ist a very minimalistic attempt to concentrate on the core: an atmosphere of unrest that sometimes is like a curse. This dark interpretation is typical for „I Hate People“ (Suzy Q Records) Christoph Kutzer Musicjounalist

Reverend Elvis delivers us a sermon based on the one true message. The message of keeping real music alive, music that is being slowly strangled by the demons of mass-produced plastic pop, music that is having its lifeblood drained by those TV so-called talent shows. From his rock and roll pulpit he is throwing down almighty fireballs upon the puke-spewing unit shifting crap machine whilst thrusting a cold hard needle in his arm to give a blood transfusion straight into the heart of Hillbilly, 50’s Punk, Blues, Psycho Gospel, Country and Rockabilly. Trebuchet Magazin (UK)/ Carl Byron Batson

Das hat so einen Moment der Wahreheit. Der Kulturkritiker Georg Seeßlen über Reverend Elvis im Deutschlandfunk

One of the best songs ever written! Joe Buck (Hank3, Legendary Shack Shakers) about Reverend Elvis‘ song „I Hate People“

„Thank you so much for this music, I’m really addicted to the new album. Simply brilliant, catchy, and raw!“ Carol Rebbel / As Diabatz